"Every boat should have these rod holders. I have fished on lots of Rivs and you can't reach the rod tip on the rigger rod to break a rubber band or undo a snap swivel. Very dangerous leaning out over the side on a rough day. If these rod holders are installed you can swivel the outfit back to a safe spot to complete the tasks at hand".

Ash Haigh

Club President Gold Coast Game Fishing


"Now I know why they call it a Game Changer. It’s absolutely great. I can now fish with unique options provided by the rotating holder and have a great experience doing it".

Adrien Sobbi Baitcatcher

Boat: Bar Crusher 670HT


"As a professional fisherman, that lives and dies on the ability for my customers to catch fish. Exploding Fish & Evolution 360 Flush Mount Rotating Rod Holder, creates a better fishing experience for my clients and gives my charter business that extra edge".

Captain Joe Smith Fin Factor Charters

Professional Charter Fisherman in Cape Canaveral, Florida USA

Boat: 32 Cape Horn Centre Console